Monday, 13 November 2017

Weekend WOW Factor : Family - ft music byTekno ft Wizkid - Mama

Happy birthday to my bro , born 11/11, so his birthday tends to be marked by a minute's silence..
So I get in early with the best wishes, and wrap up late.

Hope you had a great day bro.
My brother with my nephew at his wedding earlier this year

Today's post really is a thought about family, or families

It's easy to get wrapped up in what we consider to be a family and in thinking we all have the same upbringing. Yet families look and are often very different. For some family time is the best time , whereas for others, the best time is time away from family.

I wonder about how much we've changed and if we have really changed at all.. and in truth.. I don't think we've changed much at all.. just got older and wiser in parts and not in others.

Like all close relationships it's accepting the differences, and allowing a person to grow and make choices for themselves that you may not make for yourself but offering love and guidance anyway.
We try anyway

It's quite funny really , that you need a licence to have a TV, drive a car, in fact, one must study 1st and only when passing do you get access to the roads, but I was reminded...anyone can be a parent.
.. and our issues are born lol!

I look at my granddaughter and wonder if she's thinking the same things I thought at her age
The all conquering madam..

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