Saturday, 18 November 2017

Weekend WOW Factor: President Mugabe

So....thousands March against Mugabe

Mugabe couldn't be blamed if he sat at home quietly and wondered... 'what was it all for?'
The situation Mugabe faces could even be likened to that of a parent whose children have gone astray and fail to appreciate all they have done for them over the years. Yes, that age ole ungrateful children syndrome

Zimbabweans may not agree
But for many of us... you simply don't treat independnce war veterans in such a way

Yes Mugabe is aged
Yes he has an overtly ambitious wife, and sons who seem to bear little resemblance in terms of character, to their father at a similar age

and yes.. there was a pending danger that the country was being viewed by some as 'private property' or inheritance.
but yes.. this is Africa, where the scramble for power is not unlike the initial scramble for Africa

But Mugabe, like him or not.. is a hero of the African liberation struggle, and the father of Zimbabwe.
He grew up in a very different time, and has lived through the type of trials and tribulations that may have floored many others
and with that in mind, the 'celebrations' at his apparent 'overthrow' are distasteful.

Zimbaweans, the usually quiet mild mannered individuals have found their voice
Where has their voice been all these years?

When I see the celebrations and I hear what's being said it smacks of cowardice
the kind of cowardice that would have never fought against colonial rule
and as such, had it not had been for Mugabe and others just like him
Zimbabwe would still be 'Rhosdesia

For some time, the unpopular Grace Mugabe has been growing in stature
her ability to influence has made her one of the strongest women in Africa

It takes a strong woman to enter into a relationship with a married man as his wife lays dying. and if not strong.. certainly ruthless.

For many, that's when President Mugabe lost credibility
His First wife Sally was much loved by the people, and many say he was a different man back then, with her positive influence..

For others it was Gukurahundi

Mugabe will always be a divisive figure for some.
Let Zimbabweans celebrate.. they know not what is coming next
and that is partly the problem

There is no definitive plan going forwards not that I know of anyway
So that being said, they should celebrate 'cautiously' if they must celebrate at all

Personally, as fascinating as this has been, I am disappointed with the people of Zimbabwe

Mandela had he had been alive, may have faced the same indignity... as people tire.. and they forget quickly
Africa has 'strong' men because it's what keep the people in line

Our leaders know this, and have little faith or trust in the general public.. and one can only imagine leaders across the continent are watching this spectacle being played out in Zimbabwe, and wondering of their own fate..
They will be even less inclined towards democracy that's for sure
No Zimbabwe...

Me thinks you celebrate too soon

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