Saturday 15 September 2012


I read somewhere today that war is simply masculine energy out of control without the wisdom of the female.

I thought alot about balance today.
Read about the ways that authoritarian energy will always provoke rebellious energy.
Thought about people as icebergs, in that what is seen really is a very small aspect of who they are, as most is concealed.
Wondered why concealment is favoured, when in reality I suspect most people would like to have a deep connection with another, or others, and secretly hope to feel safe enough to be open without fear of judgement.

We are after all..interdependent

There's nothing that unbalances me more than feeling out of balance:). Which usually means I'm suppressing something, maybe some aspect of me wants to make itself known,is screaming to be set free, or perhaps I have a dilemma or question i cant answer.
It's 'my' month.. September...and true to my Libran self, I'm feeling a very strong pull towards balance.


  1. War is women's fault in The United States. If they'd just take their asses out to the polls and elect women president, I'm sure we wouldn't have anymore wars. There are far more women in this country than men and for whatever reason women don't consolidate their voting power and continuously elect women.

    War is stupid, which is why men are so moved to wage it. The more I know my fellow man, the more I like roaches.

  2. birthday! birthday! birthday!

  3. Yes B.C.. a good state to acquire

    Interesting Reggie!!

    Yes Chrome.. not long now .. yay lol x