Sunday 16 September 2018


Today I'm silent.
Other than my laptop, (and phone) there are no other devices on. My window is open, with only a faint sound of traffic, an airplane in the sky somewhere, heading to an unknown destination, and the on/off voices of neighbours, and other than that, it's pretty still.

It won't last, as I'm due elsewhere tonight, but right now this is it.
I haven't been this silent in a very long while.
I haven't stopped.

Now I'm still, I realise

I'm alone with my thoughts, perhaps too many to mention, but can be summarised as...experiences.

I faced a disappointment with someone I considered a friend back in january, which had me evaluate all friendships
I'm actually quite careful, and prefer small meaningful relationships, over large numbers.
'inner circle' I think it's called

Well, I didn't say anything to this particular person, but every so often I reflect on it. We weren't that close anyway, so maybe that's why.

As much as I love music, silence is also a beautiful sound.
There is no-one to ask me for anything, critique or complain about anything or want my attention.
There's no noise
For the 1st time in a long time... I've the house to myself.

Over the coming weeks the plan is to clear out my wardrobe, re-decorate my bedroom, and turf the lawn
It's a plan.
but for now, It's just me and me x

Enjoy your day

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