Saturday 29 September 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: How To Stop A Revolution

Lsat night I had a few thoughts on the $60billion loans from China to Africa.
These thoughts actually seem to come out of nowhere as I was doing something totally. unrelated!.

I wondered if there were other reasons for the acceptance of these loans other than development.
I thought about the recent political uprisings across the continent, such as in Uganda.
'Perhaps leaders were nervous after all',I thought.
What if the strategy included though such as these?...
'Perhaps if in hearings of these loans the people would no longer see a need for an uprising'.
why challenge a government if they are working to improve our lives?

With more money, leaders will be able to pursued the people, that the government are indeed skilled enough to obtain international assistance, in addition to more funds to purchase more votes.
Uprisings occur when discontent reaches a critical mass.
To break down the critical mass with the promise of more wealth and a better life, is a strategy that works.
So perhaps our leaders are not as clueless as one may have believed.

We all know that if we have an issue in our own lives that no-one else can relate to it's often difficult to gain the understanding or empathy of another

Therefore becoming so isolated that eventually you decide that perhaps the issue is not political or unjust, but a personal subjective experience.
just a thought.

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