Sunday 28 February 2016

You are beautiful.. yes you reading this..:)

I've become aware of some amazingly positive people lately, and I've noticed that the people who tend to be happiest..all have that in common.

One of the things I've noticed about Sierra leonians for example, is thier ability to be positive, regardless of the circumstances.
In the main, many tend to embrace a desire to be the skin they're in, and appreciate what they have.

This is true of many people of course, around the globe, but I guess with the country in my focus tonight, I've been observing the people and customs more closely.
Initially I wondered if it was due to post conflict attitudes of peace reconciliation hope forgiveness and love. But perhaps not, perhaps I was looking at it way too deeply.

Maybe they, like many others simply feel that the key to happiness and prosperity.. be joyful.

Here in the UK we give praise to others yes... But one cultural custom that I find here that I don't find often in the people of SL is that we in the UK shy away from praise, a little.. we (especially us women) tend to have that... 'what?...this old dress?..' syndrome.
Not the case in SL.
It appears to be us women who mostly shy away from compliments, and yes there's a cute humbleness about it, but why do we sometimes find it so hard to accept a kind word?
And by not training ourselves to accept compliments more readily..I suspect that we're probably not doing ourselves any favours.
(Being careful of course not to become dependant on them, as to fall apart in their absence)

I do wonder though..if it's predominantly a UK thing, as in the Carribean they tend to have a..'I know I'm hot' attitude.. and enjoy praise.
(They can give an insult or too mind you, but it's a rich mix and not taken too seriously)
Funnily enough, I've received a few kind words lately that took me by surprise, but really were perfectly timed...( universe knows best) I really appreciated them...far more than the strangers will ever know.

I give compliments, not often, but I do. I'll try to give more..shake off my shy 'English' reserve a little.
Shake off my 'conditioning' and learn more appreciation.. of myself..and others.
It sounds easy, but it may not it takes change old habits
Often .We are our toughest critics.. looking in the mirror and seeing what we may decide are 'imperfections'
(Not everyone I know)

Yet ultimately, regardless of what anyone has to say.. let the mantra be...

Loving the skin I'm in..
The person I am..
The love I have..
..and for that each day I'm truly grateful x.

I'll give it a try.. maybe my mojos been lurking in that vacinity.

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