Saturday 6 February 2016

The art of self motivation...

Numerous books have been written on it. Ask people what motivates them and the answers can be surprising.

Many people are motivated by fear... Others love...
But I know people who just seem to have the knack of unquestionable permanent self motivation
How cool is that huh...
They are a joy, and a blessing to be around
It rises and falls.

Saturdays are usually my clear up days. A day for housework..doing the washing, that kinda thing. And today is no different, other than, I've gone back to bed!.
Motivation. Where art thou..

Oopps.. there it is...right- over- there... maybe if I stretch I can grab it by the tail...

I know some music will do the trick.. get the vibes flowing...There's just do much to do!. So..I've been practicing best ostrich impression. Not for long though.

Bed...It's where I get some of my best ideas on occasion :)..I can think, plan..and, once enough is enough..get a move on

I've had a news break-ish, so a little catching up is due.

Some personal tlc also due
So...activating countdown in 5, 4, 3, 2...

Happy Saturday all x
Sexy is as sexy feels
Beauty is as beauty does
Happiness is in the mind
If some say it can't be done..and you feel it can, do a gift



  1. I'm only motivated if it's to do something I want to do. :D

    Happy Saturday to you!