Tuesday 9 February 2016

His gift to her, that she really didn't want - ft Tarrus Riley Jah Jah run things

There are many things I care about
and some events that occur in life that I shake my head in frustration at
Tales that knock from time to time.. to say hi....

As many of you know.....
Domestic violence is no joke.
Any society that does little to combat the abuse of women at the hands of a man ( or men) is a backward society that will fail fail fail, and NEVER rise to its full potential.

That patriarchal and brutal type of thinking is backward and base, yet unfortunately is backed up by many 'religions' who subscribe to women being subservient to men.

Yet patriarchy doesn't have to mean abuse.
No really... it doesn't.
Patriarchy itself... is being made a mockery of, and is, quite frankly, being abused by...men. In truth, patriarchy carries with it great responsibility and moral 'authority' which isn't something for the unprepared, or the mentally and/or emotionally immature.

For those who still don't know...
Women are not to be punched kicked raped spat on stoned or beaten, and any man who does that is not a man but an unevolved beast, and deserves no respect from society.
Men who beat women children and girls to death, should be given the hardest of punishments, sure, yet also need re-schooling and rehabilitation... immediately.
They need to un-learn, what they have learnt with regards to the value of a woman.
Sure there are courts to review each case before judgement, to ascertain for example the state of mind, influence of drugs etc, but I'm going general on this one.

Some say that gender based violence on women is a collaborative act, that it takes a degree of 'acceptance' from the woman
That is something to debate perhaps, but not today

There are men who would stand by and watch a woman be beaten, and instead of reprimanding the man, would rather take the beaten woman aside and tell her where she has gone wrong and what she must not do in future, to anger her husband.
( Women do that too)

So why stay?
Some women stay for love, others because they have no money or nowhere to go
The ability to tackle domestic violence, to stay or go, depends a great deal on where in the world you live, and how egalitarian the society is, or strives to be.

There are those who believe that once married, a 'complaining' woman would only bring shame by leaving her husband or discussing to others, his ill treatment towards her
Others think that once any kind of 'bride price' is paid that's it. A licence to do as they please.
Others can't even afford da blasted 'bride price' and are just plain rude
If you do one thing today, if you know of any idiot that still believes that type of behaviour is acceptable, (If you're in a position to) let them know ..
It is not.

Men hit women for one reason. They want to hurt them badly, they don't care, and they believe their need is greater than the women they abuse.
At the basis of most domestic violence is the fundamental core belief that women ...just aint shit.

If our state flags were lowered every time a woman was hit in our respective countries trust me.. that flag would never raise.

Maybe we should try that... lower the flags and see


  1. Domestic violence is no joke. Thumbs up to Gender equality.

  2. I am not confrontational, but every man with whom my sister has been in a relationship has been informed by me that they better not even think of hitting her. I have informed them I would rather they leave the house if it gets to the point where he feels the need to be physical, because if they hit her, they better leave the earth before I find them. Serious.
    Women are queens, and they should be treated as such. The mere idea of a man hitting a woman makes me angry.