Friday 5 February 2016

Kiss Daniel x Wizkid | Good Time

Friday fever
Good times are definitely welcome after a week of coughing and shivering both day and night ( more night than day)
Fortunately, I'm beginning to see the back of the pesky flu and should be back on form soon enough.
Ted Cruz looks like an actor whose name escapes me. ( a comedian?)
Let me know if you know who I mean... optimistic are the American people that a change of President will alter the overall American imperialist agenda ( if indeed you believe that's what it is of course)

As a non American, one of the things that stood out for me with the election of Barack Obama was just how many people associate 'black' with cool.. honest.. 'heartical'.. caring and decent ( total opposite of the overused negative word associations. It wasn't said of course.. but trust me.. what was un-said came across loud and clear)

For many black Americans Obama's success felt like the 'realisation of Martin Luther Kings 'dream'
'here comes a man... that looks like me (a bit) .. he gets me ( and he will do his best for people like me)'

Now as much as I understand the reasoning... it's just so terribly flawed.
Whoever gets the top seat gets the seat.
Politics is brutal ( 'he gets me'.. really doesn't cut it in the political arena past election day.. )
Politics such as a global affair
Presidents are merely symbolic.. vehicles for elite ideology
Presidents don't run America
Or so it seems.

Feel free to tell me if you think otherwise

Happy Fridayx

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