Sunday 21 February 2016

R Kelly..Its all my fault & Backyard Party

Once upon a time I came across an R Kelly album, then another... then another.. a fav being 'R '( 'did you ever think'.. when a woman's fed up'.. great tracks!...)
many years later he still manages to captivate my ears with a tune or two that's just sooo R Kelly

'It's a my fault'.. yes guys..that'll end any argument pronto :)

What can you say... R Kelly has big partys... 'Snoop'


  1. R Kelly is kinda sorta blackballed here in the States, but I still love his music. This one in particular.

    1. Yeah.. tough call that.. not really nice
      .. and yet... women still flock around him.
      Interesting.Star power.
      His music is amazing, his musicality and talent is amazing. Artists in general tend to be very flawed people more often than not ( in one way or another)