Friday 5 February 2016

The Potters Wheel

I've been enjoying reading motivational quotes on my phone lately. So much truth in so few words.
In truth, I'm not feeling as chirpy as I would like what with the flu an all, but it's my fault really, Ive done little to bannish it. Plus I really must learn not to take on other people's stress. Help if possible, but if not leave it be. We all have our own stuff dealing with.
See stress but try not to own it.. even your own...

Clay...Is what I thought about today. Clay.
Often we may see potential in others and begin to mentally mould them, shape them, create an image of them as their best self.
We see them bigger brighter and better than they see themselves at times.. we may revel in their awesomeness

Clay.. can become anything. It has little resistance, and in the hands of a skilled craftsman..can become something very beautiful indeed.

We are both the clay, and the craftsman, in each other's lives
We create and shape, equally we are created, and moulded

How beautiful we become depends on the vision.. and will always remain in the eye of the potter

Have a lovely,great, happy fulfilled and content weekend..doing whatever you do x


  1. Oh no I'm sorry you are unwell. Take it easy and look after yourself.