Sunday 7 February 2016

Weekend WOW Factor 1: as Valentines day is just around the corner

I love love, sex romance and all that nice stuff
My Libran persona.. Venus an all

This was interesting
I've definitely dated a toxic person or two.
I've also dodged a bullet or two as well.

I have always been uncomfortable with anyone who becomes defensive patronizing or bitter about a personal achievement.
For example I allowed ( in the past) a person to dominate the conversation etc, mainly because I could tell that the person needed to speak and perhaps didn't have an outlet anywhere else.
I can also be a good listener at times.
He was odd. :)
But he had his good points.. as we all do.

What I resonated with in the 1st video, is that personally, in past relationships I've never really been able to speak about my successes or ambitions without the other person trying to put it down.
So.. I stopped talking about them. Stopped talking about things I was proud of, things I enjoyed, aimed for intended to do.. because I knew that if I did, it couldn't be met with enthusiasm.Just 'man bad mind'
Ill say this... the toxic thing isn't just about romantic relationships. This could relate to anyone you relate to...

So what do you do in a situation like that?
I think to back off.. is probably the best course of action
Discussing the matter with the person is another option, because its also possible that they are unaware, and really don't mean to hurt but are feeling scared or insecure themselves and are simply projecting

Talking can help
But ultimately it's helpful to remember that if someone is belittling your achievements on an on going basis, it says more about them than you
be proud of what you achieve, back away from harmful critics, and be your best cheerleader.


This was so funny!

What makes you quirky or crazy?
Quirky would be If I'm at home, I have to watch come dine or dinner date when I eat don't care what channel you have it on don't play with me. Oh, and... don't sit in my chair, and oh my gosh if you don't hoover be prepared to hear some bad F word or two and if I have to pick up the hoover and do it myself.. I will cuss the house down until I'm done... and then. I'm happy as larry. Cool as if nothing ever happened:)

Hmmm.. Oh wait...maybe that's crazy... who knew...

I quite like Matthew Hussey.. Interesting name given what he does.. but hey.. he's kinda cute funny, and can be on point



  1. Hi Rajiv, glad you thought so..

  2. Geez I think my partner has some of the toxic traits, but I think maybe I do as well.