Thursday 24 April 2014

But baby.. It's just my job..

I've been up extra early these days - lots rolling around in my brain space.
Anyway, just a quicky before I get ready

I enjoy watching Dinner Date as I have my own dinner, and yesterday the guy on it, was a stripper. he seemed like a nice guy, a little shy really.
On dinner date , the main chooser must choose 3 dates out of 5 (based on thier menus), then select his or her favourite for a 2nd camera free date

Now although each of the girls thought he was okay.. not one of them was happy to date a Stripper.

The strange thing is, this guy called himself everything but a stripper. He was uncomfortable admitting that was what he did. He called himself an 'erotic dancer'.. a 'performer'.. until one girl said.. "so're a Stripper..".
"err.. Yes".

None found it appealing at all, and none gave him the full 3 stars. All of the women were quite gorgeous solid girls/women, any hetro man would be happy with.

Now, I think there is a difference between male and female strip shows. Women who go to strip shows tend to do so for a laugh.. whilst men tend to get really horny.. (take it more seriously)

I'm sure the business of stripping is profitable, but would you be happy if your partner was a stripper?.. or if we take it further.. an Escort?

Ti asked me if I would date a stripper. I said I can't imagine we'd have much to talk about.. I hmmm'd and arr'd then just gave up
(..although it's said one should never say never)

For me personally, what a guy does is important. I need to be able to respect him,admire him. For me, that's kinda crucial. I like to admire something about a person. You may say well everyone has something...sure.. but I need to be able to recognize it.

A stripper?
Seriously.. what would we talk about when the stripping's over?
and..will he be a shag machine after shows when the fans come a running?

* disclaimer..not saying I don't respect strippers.. but for my guy.. me.. hmmm??


  1. Hell yeah, I'd date a stripper just to see what it was like. Dating isn't marrying.

    1. That's true! and dating is fun, but at some point I reckon it gets boring dating randoms..

  2. When I date I'm looking for a wife, so she could be a former stripper, but not a current one.

    1. No current strippers.. okay, makes sense
      You're seeking your wife now

  3. I wouldn't date a stripper. His values wouldn't be in line with mine, and it would never work.

    1. That's very decisive Sherry!. You know, the guy seemed to really like one of the women and looked gutted to have to say what he did for a living.. to try to 'make good' he shared his dream of becoming a Fireman. It didn't land.
      Said the kind of women that come to him are not the type he would like to be with..
      .. I think you hit the nail on the head in terms of values being aligned..