Sunday 6 April 2014

Well done Jermain! [The Voice UK]

What a shock that was...

I couldn't believe it!
I remember saying... oh he'll be out first.. never mind..he’s a Hackney lad, he'll be okay... no big deal for him, he'd have known disappointment before... he's a trooper.

Then he won!

I screamed... 'Whaaatt?!
Occasional viewers like me, tend not to vote for those kinds of shows (refuse to get sucked it) and... besides..shall I say the obvious?

So... why did Jermain ( not sure that's how his name is really spelt)
Just for the record, I'm happy he did. I would have been equally happy if Sally won, as she has the most soul/pain filled voice I've heard in a long while... a beautiful voice and there's something special about her...

Now, to be honest, Jermain was definitely not the best singer of the 3 on the night. But he does have that great ability to 'draw for the baritone ' which makes us go yeahhh bouyee'

So, if he wasn't the best on the night.. why did he win?...

I think, Jermain Jackman won because he has worked out at 19yrs of age, what many fail to realize at 50... and what some... never do. and that is..

It’s more important what you put in to society... than what you take out...

Yes... the show is called the voice...
But.. who cares..

He entertained us, put his heart into it, sang well and deserves his win.

Now there may be another reason he won.. often people say these shows are fixed, but that's the spin i'll put on it.. unless I discover otherwise..

My critical eye wondered why Christina Marie looked and dressed as though she was the same age as Sally Barker
(One woman is 19-20.. the other is' 57?!)
I laughed when Ricky Wilson’s hatred got the better of him, so much so that he couldn’t even say the name of his own act without messing it up
( no pic.. he's annoying)

To think.. I used to like the Kaiser Chiefs.. well.. they're no Coldplay that's for sure #gotlucky#justsaying

I had mixed feelings when Will said... okay... so it's not the best part of London is it?
I wanted to say... 'Hey Will.. check out these house prices.. Someone somewhere’s doing okay
( To be honest many are totally overpriced for what you actually get)

Good job!
Wish Jermain all the best in his endeavours

He's geeky.. even kinda wimpy

But he's got heart.. he's got soul.. and he's alright
Unless his political choices.. hmmm.. never mind..
*sings* Yeah.. (Tom Jones style)


  1. Well he's no Luther Vandross, but then who is, but I love his voice!

    My partner worked for the BBC and then Channel 4 and trust me these programmes aren't fixed, they just can't risk getting involved with that kind of stuff.

    1. That's good to know.
      So the British public really voted him winner outright.. cool..

      I like when he projects that very deep tone he has.. and he's fun to watch.
      Off track a little.. you know who reminds me of Luther at times..?
      Ruben Studdard.. & Jaheim. They have a certain quality to their voice.