Monday 7 April 2014

Yeah, it's Lundi..

..and things will have me quiet for a few days. Well..quieter, at the very least.
Popping in to send you this message .. something short and sweet for this chilly and busy Monday


In remembrance

20yrs ago.. Hell was unleashed in Rwanda

Rwandas genocide is one of the saddest moments of our recent world history

I think we can all learn something from it, if we care to

We learn that hatred can be easily forged
Colonial rule often leaves a deadly legacy..
and propaganda and mind control is powerful.. and can be equally lethal

Our thoughts and prayers go out to both the victims and the survivors.

I admire anyone's ability to forgive such heinous acts ( and I'm not just referring to those who stoked the fires.. and then turned thier backs)

We know we would never want such a thing to happen again, but that was said after WW2
Perhaps.. we are just slow learners

To all those who are still refugees.. to those who had to flee their homes in terror, to the healing and healed, orphans and widows, those who lost family and friends.. and whose lives were changed forever
Heros and villains

Hope you like this song x


Rwanda - 100 days [click]

Captain Mbaye [click]


  1. The events in Rwanda and North Korea are two episodes in recent history that politcians who were in power must have to reconcile their conscience with...

  2. I can't believe it's been 20 years since the genocide. It seems like yesterday. What a horrible thing that was! I pray it never happens again - anywhere!