Friday 4 April 2014

Great dates

So .. I was thinking..
What constitutes a great date to you?
Ultimately it has to be the company... right?
In the right company you could be anyplace, (Not A&E of course!) at anytime, and feel filled with joy, and totally at ease.

I remember, awhile back, someone saying to me something along the lines of feeling attachment to others being wrong. I realize however, that they simply spoke out of insecurity, and possibly craved and felt attachments dearly. In truth, to not feel a human being.. would be a worry. To not connect with others, or to live a selfish or individualistic life, is to live no life at all .. right?

To feel connected to others means to feel...Life.. yet also to vulnerable to others too ( which some may find scary) but it keeps one humble I reckon
You see, I honestly feel that it's what we as humans desire most. To fully connect with others, with sense their heartbeat, to enjoy thier energy, to talk, to laugh, to cuddle.. to be physically intimate, to make love

It's why we date.
It's why, even after a nightmare 'relationship'.. we get up, piece our broken hearts back together again.. fill our souls up.. giggle..blush.. and do it all again!
We do so.. because we are compelled to love.

So... apart from great company, what else would you consider a great date?. For me?. it varies.. (I'm quite a mix)
but ultimately, it involves being outside. (hmmm to begin with )

So what comes to mind is...
A nice walk in the park.. enjoying nature
I love water, so sea fronts ( beach is cool on warm days)
Doing something funny or sporty ( karting/horseriding/iceskating.. or something I've never done but always wanted to)
Getting dressed up in a really pretty outfit, and enjoying a show (play) ( something cultured/music/art) before a nice scenic drive around London ( or wherever I was at the time) in a beautiful Rolls (Royce - see below.. Hey.. It's my car.. and London always looks beautiful at night!)

Perhaps a trip to the movies, just hanging out together in town, holding hands like teenagers (the non aggressive more stylish cooler ones:))

or even..

A simple lunch date in the summer, outside on a bench, or at a cafe under a parasol.. enjoying a cool breeze, and watching the world go by

Ultimately.. it would appear, that a great date for me.. is doing things I like to do anyway.. just with a great guy, who just so happens to enjoy the same (or at least very similar) things!
Oh.. and kissing.. a great date must include kissing (someone who can kiss well) .. or ( if it's the 1st/2nd date and you're taking it slow because you really like 'em..) at least the desire to!

Here's to good old fashioned dates..

Now.. let me see that car again.... yep..pretty sure it's best when it comes with a driver. I like the name Wilson for a driver.. yeah I can see it now, as I ease out of my heels.."Wilson... I'm tired..take me home..")


  1. Oh, I've had some GREAT dates over the years. And some absolutely horrible ones, LOL! Dating is always such a mixed bag.

    1. I've had 2 dates where i can remember clock watching! yes ..tis a mixed bag isn't it.
      For me .. If a guy has poor eating etiquette.. he should refrain from asking me out for something to eat. I can't bear seeing the food in someones mouth.. on their lips anything lol.. weird I know

      Welcome back Debra!! missed ya! gotta pop over :)

  2. "To fully connect with others, with sense their heartbeat, to enjoy thier energy, to talk, to laugh, to cuddle.. to be physically intimate, to make love"

    What about Asexual people? Not all humans desire the above.

    I'd always prefer a date inside. :D

    1. :) Joe!
      Didn't think of Asexuals !!
      To be fair though.. they desire connecting also no?.. maybe not intimacy or sex, but something.. surely? they're still breathing lol.. maybe a good conversation is enough.

      I like to cook dinner, or be cooked for - so inside dates can be nice, and I kinda prefer that to restaurants -

      Joe.. you always got me thinking outside the box with gender/sex stuff