Sunday 27 April 2014

Left Unsaid..

Good morning all.. from a chilly green East London

A side note...
Most of you will know I have two sons and a daughter.. plus a grandson.. well my news is.. I'm expecting a grandaughter! we expect her on Ti's birthday, but you know how these things go, could be earlier could be later

I've seen the scan picture, and she looks very cute. of course.. cuteness does run in the genes right!

Now... Chris's song 'Left Unsaid ' got me thinking..

Are there things that should be left unsaid in a relationship?.



Should.. 'I hate your cooking' ever be said in the early months of a relationship?
If you're a man.. would you date a woman who could not cook?..

..what about you ladies?.. could you date someone with zero cooking ability?

Dress sense.

Should a man ever tell a woman what to wear? or comment on her clothes?. Yikes
Let's says the woman likes to dress sexily, lots of boobage.. or loves short skirts.. should her boyfriend or husband have the nerve to say.. 'tone it down? ., or even.. 'do you really think you can get away with that!??


Should a woman ( lets be's always the woman) ever tell her husband or boyfriend (or girlfriend) that she's faking it/ or faked it?. That he's not quite hitting her spot!(If he isn't)?


(Personally I'm seriously shocked if either should have to but)... Should either partner tell the other they need to wash thier skin?, or brush thier teeth?.. everyday!!?

I love you

Who should say it first?. Is it ever real just before, during, or just after sex? ( Why not say it on a park bench)
Should you continue to say 'I Love you' years into the relationship?.. Is it sweeter (my favourite).... when written down? errrm.. (*evidence if shit goes pear-shaped lol*)

How do you ever know, that what you feel.. is really love?
Is it always a risk?


If you're both on a budget and one person makes a bit 'clothing' purchase..( Yeah I know you're thinking.. how big can a clothing purchase be?!.. lol, you'll have to trust me - ehem..I've heard they can be big.. ) should that person 'fess up'.. or make out like they don't know where the money went that month?!


Do them to keep partner happy?..

..or find new partner?..


If you believe in god.. could you date an Atheist?..or visa versa?

Should you bring religion into the relationship?


If one partner does not eat meat..

..should they expect or insist the meat eater gives up and goes green?...

..or should the meat eater insist the veggy get's his or her lips around some MEAT!

Hey.. one pun on a Sunday cant hurt heehee

Happy Sunday :)


  1. Hello from rainy and slowly greening Aurora, Colorado! I'm enjoying "Left Unsaid" as I type. I feel like I have a window into a new music world with your blog ~ although I certainly am familiar with John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk mentioned by Cornel West in your most recent post. I watched part of the video, but not all of it. I loved it when CW said, "I am who I am because somebody loved me." I think that may be the most important thing in the upbringing of a child ~ LOTS of unconditional love.

    By the way, congrats on your granddaughter on her way ~ a pleasure I'll never have because I couldn't have children ~ but then I'm blessed with the most amazing nieces and nephews and with a 25 year career in the classroom.

    You pose some fascinating questions in this post. My husband doesn't cook, but he tells me almost 30 years into our marriage that he loves me ~ and means it! ~ several times a day. I know it because, no matter what, he has always had my back and he accepts me for who I am. That beats cooking ability hands down!

    We are so dealing with vegetarian issues when the extended family gets together on either side of the family or both sides. We all try to make sure there is something delicious for everyone to eat and to be respectful. So I'm a carnivore (and under doctors' orders to eat meat), but I could marry a vegetarian as long as he didn't try to change me. Huge religious differences might be more challenging!

    Have a happy week, Dawna Lee!

  2. Thanks Fundy!
    25 years in the classroom is amazing!..

    I wouldn't have minded teaching in a secondary school ( is what i think sometimes)
    Sounds like a beautiful marriage Fundy, .. Hmmm if someone has my back accepts and loves me like that, i wouldn't mind if he couldn't cook a bean lol

    i may have to show him a dish or two though.
    30yrs in and he still says it. Thanks for i think more people need to hear that kind of thing is possible, and still happens. it's encouraging, especially for us love filled romantics:)

    Have a happy week too Fundy!

  3. Congrats on your news Granny! Sorry.

    Lots of questions here, but I know I couldn't be with an Atheist. A lot of the other stuff you can work through I think.

  4. haahaaa! no way! Granny doesnt suit me - not enough age or gravitas yet I'm afraid ( that honour goes to my mum!)
    I'm Nan.. or Nanny Dawna - cheers though :))
    You know.. I'm working through knowing exactly what I can and cannot take..still.
    Nearly there!