Monday 28 April 2014

Aswad flashback & Posters on my wall

Do you remember bright yellow, pink and green 12" records?..
I do.. and they were great!

Anyway.. if you were to ask me to select my top Aswad albums I would struggle.
Perhaps at a push I'd say New Chapter.. but I'd really have to give that some thought, go back, and listen again, before I commit.

Aside from thier social commentary and tight rhythm section..Tony (Bass player) was cute.. Brinsley cuter, and yes.. I had a poster of them on my wall.
I tell you this for free..Tony, used to be very sexy playing that Bass, I've never seen anyone hold it down quite like that before..or since, to be honest.

There are times when I wonder abut fame. Fame is very seductive, and very powerful. The potential for great highs and great lows. I think fame.. can be very tricky.
I wonder if or how fame changed Aswad, of the impacts
I wonder if thier greatest work was produced on the cusp of fame, or in the early days of it.. before the pressure.. before it all

There are times that I feel I've never really given Drummie his full credit.. It's no secret that Brinsley was my lead man but Drummie also sang some great tunes that will always hold special resonance also.. he's a top drummer for sure.. but nevertheless, here's a selection ft Drummie Zeb on lead vocals..

Ft Brinsley on lead vocals..

An early performance..

African Children Part 2

ft Tony ( Bass) on lead vocals

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