Wednesday 16 April 2014

Garnett Silk



  1. Hi Dawna! More new music for me to enjoy! Thank you! And thanks for your fascinating recent posts on Montserrat. I've been fortunate to trace back part of my family history along some lines, but others are a complete dead end. I'm mostly Scottish. It is frustrating when you want to know more.
    How interesting to learn that your parents are from the Caribbean. I wasn't familiar with the island. The Montserrat I knew is in Spain. When I was 22 I was traveling through Spain with two university friends in a volkswagen van ~ such a late 60s, early 70s thing to do! I went to the Montserrat Abbey via cable car on Montserrat Mountain. My friends didn't go with me because they were afraid of cable cars! I'm wondering if there is a connection between the island and the places in Spain. Thanks also for speaking about what the Irish suffered ~ so many kinds of oppression in this world. I spent a few days on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, and there is a large group of Caribbean blacks there too. Have a happy evening!

  2. Hi Fundy!
    Your trip sounds like it was so much fun!.. (I do like those vans)
    I had no idea there was a Montserrat Abbey or Mountain in Spain!.. my guess is that it's highly probable that there is a link - as apparently Christopher Columbus had initially claimed Montserrat for Spain in 1493 - it would be great to discover more
    My evening has been nice thanks, hope you've had an enjoyable evening too

    Scottish huh!.. Idi Amin ( Uganda) loved Scotland apparently but I cant remember his reason/s
    Scotland has an interesting history too, although I don't know much
    ( The Independence referendum's a pretty big deal though right?)