Thursday 24 April 2014

My Senegal and Mali music showcase

I don't feature music from Senegal or Mali much, which is odd perhaps because there's a particular style of music from both places that I love, and Senegal.. is a place that I fell in love with, without ever visiting.

I guess I actually fell in love with Gambia, but whist there, almost everyone I met was convinced that I was from Senegal. So, maybe that's why.. or perhaps its simply people I've met over the years. I remember a girl called Rokiya.. truly the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. We got along well.. she moved out of town. When I think about some of the coolest women who have had some kind of impact on me, or I've easily got along well with..aside from a few English chicks.. many have been from..
Somalia, Gambia, or Senegal. True. and perhaps Nigeria.

Still...I am relatively easy to get along with though ( even if I do say so myself)
Unless of course.. something is wrong

I jest :)...Should I also add my weird sense of humour to the mix.. no? you sure?.. cool.

For the record, there are many places that I also love ..Zimbabwe is one, met a funny girl from there many moons ago.. yes.. lots places simply fascinate me

Okay.. where was I..

..I have two albums in particular that I bought many years ago, that I can listen to back to back.. I came across them by accident, as they featured in a documentary I watched about a charity called Tostan, and I hunted them down. I can't remember the names at the moment, but when I do I'll play you the most amazing track you've ever heard.. promise.

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