Thursday 2 July 2015

Little by little by day

Each day brings its own challenges, face them head on.
Or avoid them totally until you feel ready!

I wasn't going to blog today. In fact, I was about to take a blogging break but then words came.
I have a thing about words. I have a love affair with them.
Words can harm or words can heal.
We use words pretty much every day, often taking little notice of them or how important they are .. or can be.
Words are often...taken for granted


I had a call from a singer the other day. he said he has been trying to get in contact with me for years. It's true.. I've not responded to his face book messages for some reason. He said he'd been listening to my music and wants to drag me out of whatever semi retirement I think I'm in ( music wise)
He's off to America, but when he gets back said he wants me back in the studio, and to write with him.

I also have a small part in a play. It's fun, but it's also a sad reminder of just how much I'd left behind.
Can I act?
..can I heck.
Old friends.

I do miss the studio though .. so we'll see..
He said something that did make me think
he said.. 'can you trust me enough to work with me'... ( or something like that)
Maybe he knows something I don't
Perhaps I'm transparent


This year was meant to be the year I took a break. But to be honest it's been busier than ever.
I'm just about keeping up with myself.
Emotionally.. I'm a wreck lol.
Funny, but true.

I do feel that now is the time to do the things that really matter to me. I can avoid them no longer.


Never procrastinate with your life. Life is simply too important.

I'm a bit upset with myself today.
I have an amazing ability to have faith in everyone else... but me.
I can encourage, love, laugh, and love to see others happy.
Yet often times... I am sad.
It's a gift.

Funny story

My friend met a guy.
He made a great gesture of leaving his number on her windscreen (cute)
Words flowed well... then they met
She said he's too small

'Hey .. you're not exactly big yourself'... I said laughing
Don't rule him out.. I said.. see how it goes...good things can often come in small packages.
Stay open to the possibility. Often we have this idea of an ideal. Often god has other plans

I wonder of gods plan for me

Later x

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