Wednesday 29 July 2015

Mood swings and MP's on soap boxes

I'm home kinda early today.
Feel I haven't spent a 'proper' evening with Ti for a while.

I'm not in a great mood this evening. I'm feeling sad and overwhelmed.. oh, and a bit upset and angry... anything else? throw it in
My other brother asked me how I'm doing today, and I said I didn't know.

In truth I don't.. at least I can't articulate my emotions very well.
I don't know what to say so it probably best I say nothing.
I'm a bit emotional, up and down like a yo yo.
In a few days we will lay my brother to rest.
It's a shit situation.
Fast forward me to better days and I'll give you a million kisses.
Sure you would prefer I say 'bucks' but my kisses have value too buddy!


On the walk home I came across Tottenham MP David Lammy, out campaigning for Mayor of London.[click]

He's looking well.
He spoke for some length about the housing 'crisis' in London..
David wants more homes built for 'regular folk'.. spoke about local people being priced out, by the super or mega rich

As an MP I quite like David Lammy. He spoke well after the riots, and he often speaks passionately about fatherhood.[click]
Yet for some reason I think Sadiq Khan will be the next Mayor of London [click]

But good on David Lammy for doing it 'old school' and getting out and about. no frills.

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