Monday 27 July 2015

President Barack Obama's Final Speech to Kenyans at Kasarani Stadium Nairobi

I caught an element of the speech, enjoyed it, and so went in search of the entire thing!.. here it is.
Which bit caught my attention?
..'some traditions are 'bad traditions'.. just because something as in your past doesn't mean you should keep doing it... or just because something is tradition doesn't make it right'
the bit about women and girls.. of course

You know.. for the 1st time in some time.. Barack really held my attention
I found it really interesting


  1. Good. I'm glad he held your interest. I think he's a good president. We are fortunate to have someone who remains calms in the midst of wild behavior and stupidity.


    1. that wild behavior and stupidity is well out of control...
      He spoke like a man I would vote for
      Does he speak like that in America? I've lost track of the President these days..
      I've watched this a few time now
      He spoke well of Kenya... and the continent in general. Firm, funny insightful and fair.

  2. His timing is perfect. I really like him. :)