Friday 10 July 2015

Me & my big bro - ft Bob Andy

That's my big brother on the right

Probably best known to some as the selector for Jah Youth Sound System.
Until maybe a year or two ago

I've always tagged along around my bro..
begged him to take me to a Bob Marley concert but allegedly (at the time)... I was too young..
Still.. we went to loads of shows together once I was 'grown'
I always played his records when he was out
he'd always complain... 'don't touch my records!...' he'd inspect them... 'don't scratch my records!'.. 'look.. look at that!'

Still.. he'd go out and I'd turn on the power. Red light,, needle on vinyl, selection on tap

Once he decided to keep his records in my room that was it.. there was no stopping me.

He bought me my 1st guitar.. my bass. I still have it to this day.

Me and my bro...
We bicker and bicker like crazy.
Once we argued all through the magnificent 7.
He'd say he's not into soap oprah's but always talk me though an entire episode of Eastenders!..

He's a Libran.. like me.
He was born on the 7th Of October.
I got a call tonight to tell me he has died.
We don't yet know why

I will write a musical tribute to him..
but right now... I can't

I'm up.. me and Ti.. just kinda sitting here in shock. The morning feels a long way away
Neither one of us will sleep tonight
This is me now.. calm.
But I wasn't.
I flipped out.

A musical connoisseur...I know he liked Bob Andy.. big time
Love you brother
I can't quite believe it.

This post was written in the early hours of Thursday 9th July 2015. I couldn't hit publish until now

I'm probably tipsy.
Maybe I'll give him my bass. I would like him to have it back.

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