Friday 3 July 2015

Ti's interview.. & how to cook Jollof rice

Ti got a call last night. An appointment at the leisure centre
Great!.. I gave him a pep talk, he needs a job

He asked me for the details.. only I couldn't remember sending his CV to any leisure centre jobs.. at least not this year
I was baffled.
He didn't get a contact name on the phone ,so I told him to just go along and explain that he has an appointment at 3... 'that should cover it'

So...I got the feedback when I got home

He said he had the most embarrassing day.
He turned up all suited up, doc martin boots clapping on the floor, turned his nose ring on silent, slicked back his hair, dapper, and and went for it.
'Hello', I have an appointment at 3', he said.

'Oh yes' yes, the guy said.. 'hang on .. let me check who's doing it again..'
he returned... with a form..
It was gym membership!
It wasn't for a job interview at all!

Ti asked for the loo and left...
I had to laugh at that. I laughed when he said his boots were clapping. I thought.. 'don't tell me everyone else was in 'swimsuit' casual...

Hopefully now he'll pay more attention to his job search
Well, he gets the award possibly for best dressed gym membership applicant!
At least he went. It's a good move.


I've never seen anyone make Jollof rice like this..
I wonder how it tastes...
He didn't use palm oil but vegetable
I've never actually made 'proper' Jollof rice. I really should because I love it

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