Sunday 19 July 2015

Weekend WOW Factor. So... whats been going on elsewhere

The 'Queens Nazi salute' has some people in a tiz.
I never knew that children often performed nazi salutes as 'satire' which was what one 'royal pundit' was basically saying, and would have us believe
Well, well well.
I thought anti Semitism was serious business.

'A Palace spokesman said: "It is disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago and apparently from Her Majesty's personal family archive, has been obtained and exploited in this manner." [click]



Our MPs have been awarded a 10% pay rise

that's 10% [click]


President Buhari's wife apparently still cooks him meals. Good for her if true. I would too If I were her.
Well... I'd like to think I would anyway [click]

'Well... if she doesn't I will.. I wanna be 1st lady.. just look at this big smile .. heehee

'Ermm .. no thanks darling....'

I'm only playing y'all.


Sierra Leone's new buses are causing a bit of a stir.
Of course they are
Breaking down.. unable to climb hills, and rumour has it.. the buses aren't new at all, but second hand..
and this .... gave me a real laugh yesterday. I'm so grateful [click]

Hey.. I like the new buses. and as for the China connection. Please note, the Chinese have been 'investing in Africa' for some time now. No news there.
Sorry to say, but currently it would seem there is little that President EBK can do to please some
Pretty much most things are now viewed through a suspicious lens.. rightly or wrongly
It's not healthy for nation building.


Wohooo... I wrote a post x

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  1. I saw the photo of the Queen. Wasn't she with her uncle, the abdicated King Edward VIII? He was a well-known Nazi sympathizer. I'm surprised her parents let him near her, but I could be wrong about who the relative in the photo is. I'm not terribly concerned about what she did or does.