Thursday 2 July 2015

thinking cap....

Thought of the day...

To be right or to be wise.. which would you choose?....
It would seem plausible to acknowledge that in any disagreement.. no one person is totally to blame. Each plays a part.
If each takes responsibility for their role and seeks solely to build understanding and are committed to solutions, then success will surely follow.
Failure to do that, failure to understand that, will always result in.. failure.
...and failure
Build bridges.. not walls..
lest you find yourself imprisoned by your own creation


I watched a woman today who was absolutely flawless at her job. I was actually quite awed by her. Her ability to maintain such diligence after years of doing the same thing over and over inspired me.. yes it did.

I actually fell a little bit asleep watching her on more than one occasion. I pray no-one noticed.

I am glad I was able to honour this particular commitment today


Travelling around today I thought
I'm not afraid of boys/men. I grew up with boys /men, I was taught by my father not to fear boys/men, and that what I had to say was just as important as any boy/man.
I was raised to believe that I have a right to ask anything of anyone. I was raised to believe that I was not second class .. and now it's beginning to make sense...
I was raised... as a boy.

( well... it's a theory anyway)


My sister.. was raised as a girl... and faces less dilemmas as a result
( you may not quite get that, even I'm still trying!..but I can't explain it any better at present)


On another note entirely I really need to work a few things out in my mind over the next few days, so my posts may be somewhat sporadic no doubt.
.. or more sporadic than usual

Hopefully, I'll be feeling better soon

Enjoy some Cocoa Tea.. just because....

Stay happy.. stay blessed X

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