Saturday 4 July 2015

Why I love.. Victoria Beckham

There are so many things to love about Victoria Beckham.

It must be said that Victoria, was always my favourite Spice girl.

I love her style..

Her enthusiasm..

Her Passion..

Her Vision..

I think Victoria is a great role model for young girls

Not because she is rich and famous.. but because she has worked hard to create the life of her dreams
Victoria didn't leave her dreams by the wayside. She pursued them.

Although I don't know them, the Beckham marriage comes across as a strong and loving one.

They are a brand yes..
but they are a family...

Two people in love...and what's not to love about that?

From Spice Girl to fashion Icon and designer

Gotta love Victoria.

Congratulations to them on their 16 years of marriage

Yes.. I do love Victoria Beckham

* Bet you wasn't expecting that huh :) *

Have a great evening x



  1. My favourite Spice Girl was Mel C, and then Mel B. :D

  2. i hear you Joe:)
    Spice girls favs' huh..
    Hmm Ok.. mine is Victoria, then Geri, The Mel B, the C, then Baby
    but i've grown to appreciate them all

    thngs sure have changed abit since then!

  3. My least favourite has always been Geri then Victoria. Only because I think Victoria had the least musical ability, and Geri left the Spice Girls, so she kinda ended the Spice Girl magic. I loved Mel C coz she got tats, went butch and did a great duet with Left Eye. :D Plus I think she has the best singing voice out of the group. I love Mel B coz she's mouthy, speaks her mind and looks like she'd kick butt if necessary.

    But I've grown to like Baby recently, she has a nice voice, happens to be quite a good dj and seems pretty grounded. I do admire Victoria for becoming a successful business woman.

    There you go. As Mel C once said "Everyone has their own favourite Spice Girl" and I think that's what made them special, they were all very unique.