Thursday 21 April 2016

5 reasons to like Marcus Garvey

1. Marcus Garvey born in St Ann Jamaica, did not allow his humble beginnings to impact on his ability to dream big, aspire to great things and pursue those dreams and aspirations. From the tiny Island of Jamaica, to world renown icon.

2. Marcus understood the power of rhetoric and symbolism, and used them both to his superb advantage, with his flag ( which later inspired the Ghanaian national flag) and uniforms effectively attracting millions of people who were committed to his Panafrican philosophy. Known as Garveyites, many of those members went on to form the Rastafarian movement. [click] [click]

3. Marcus was born in Jamaica. But Marcus considered himself to be an 'African'. Marcus fought against colonialism, and did not succumb to islandism or tribalism. He wanted the world to know and understand that although born in Jamaica, he was of African stock. Marcus understood, what many are yet to discover, whether home or abroad... Marcus understood the African Diaspora.

4. He dreamed big. His fleet of ships ( 1919 - 1923) may not have reached their destination ( Africa) but... he tried. [click]

5. Garvey was set to travel to Liberia, with the West African country being his intended base of operations. Yet it was scuppered by WEB Dubois
(fellow African) who it's reported wasn't too keen on Garvey's flamboyant ways and grand speeches, It's reported that he was jealous of Garvey's popularity despite his own success, and is said to have badmouthed Garvey enough to have his investors retract their investment. Some claim the rivalry was simply classism and colourism.

Despite this... I've not read any report of Garvey ever badmouthing Dubois.

Do you have any particular reasons why you like Marcus Garvey?

Inspired by Garvey ships... Fred Locks.. ( 1976)

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