Thursday 21 April 2016

Top 5 reggae dancehal themes

It's been said often enough that our music/songs reflect our communities, cultures, and individualism, but in the main I believe that it chronicles our lives, and is the greatest ever story teller.
On that note.. there are a few common reoccurring themes in dance-hall reggae

Are these the issues that blight the development in these areas?
Is it that simple?

Whatever the multinational politics.. we have to learn to live well together
Yet I guess that when you have a group of sufferers for example.. the 'crab in a barrel' mentality tends to kick in unfortunately
They want out too Vershion!... that's all .. it's not personal

even when it appears to be

Top 5?

Number 5 - Badman/gangsterism
Number 4 - Sex
Number 3 - Poverty
Number 2 - Friends/loyalty

and number 1? - Bad mind aka (Envy)

..."so when you have money, gwarn like you have none.. make dem believe you're broke..."

Enjoy.. and have a blessed day everyone Xx

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