Saturday 30 April 2016

Tiwa Savage - If I start to talk

For some reason I got caught up watching the interview below
I was chilling after a meal and some nice chocolate.. and came across it..

I have a vague memory of the proposal and the wedding as it was a lavish and happy affair. So I was surprised at this interview

But wow. Just listening to her made me realize that it doesn't appear to be uncommon, that regardless of how successful a woman becomes... 'stuff'..still happens huh. The interviewer seemed to imply that her success somehow made her husband feel less of a man..
Tiwa comes across as remarkably calm considering how deep what she's saying actually is.

38:55 - all women tend to want that Tiwa. It's so simple

So.. (still in chilled mode) I thought..was it not just 2yrs ago?
Can they really not fix it? You kinda hope so right?
Well...the vows were nice anyway. Other than that.. I'm speechless.

Best to focus on the music.
She's still one of my favourite girls
Nice track guys

Happy Saturday people x

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