Sunday 3 April 2016

Yemi Alade - Ferrari

Sweet melody
Money = love huh Yemi?
Guess so these days:)
There's a strong cultural bias to that of course.. some women would be offended
'i'm not a prostitute!'.. I can hear them say
I tell you something how we spend our cash can be a strong indication of what we love and value that's for sure
when the children were small I spent most of my money on them, music classes, drama, basic stuff.. that and music galore for me.. and clothes

love you girl
Great production.. sounds like a hit

I wouldn't turn down a Ferrari either my dear.. but I do prefer Bentleys or the RR of course


  1. I like the song and her voice

    1. glad you like Alieux! me too.. got it on replay
      cheered me up big time
      BBQ season :)