Friday 8 April 2016

Chilling with Sheikhs ft YCEE - OMO ALHAJI

I remember reading last year about the problems that were being faced by Sierra Leonian women who were recruited to work as domestics in Kuwait but were treated as slaves.

I'm not suggesting that this abuse is anything new, but I've noticed an increasing trend in featuring men dressed as Arabs or Sheikhs in African music videos.

For some this look represents ( or symbolises) money, (Riches)
Of course!

For others... oppression.
Africans have been touted as slaves to Arabs for so long I guess at some point the servant would want to become the master
Do I like it.. creatively?.. I get it
Politically?, not so sure
Culturally? I get it
From a Pan African perspective? I get it
I just feel that until black Africans are given the respect they deserve as human beings, this symbol of so called wealth needs no further promoting

Kenyan maid being attacked by alleged Saudi Employer

Having said all that. There's a reason why those women left Sierra Leone for Kuwait in the 1st place.

Perhaps the story got little coverage because women's rights 'at home' needs alot of improvement
Love the tune though..
Just a thought or two...

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