Sunday 3 April 2016

I simply don't know

'Y has a long tail and W has none'...
I remember being told as a child whenever I asked a question.. not deemed worthy of an answer
'Y... has a long tail'..
Did I listen?.. no. In fact it made me more determined.. to know

Perhaps I should have listened.. should have heard.. understood even
That the answer in fact was, that... 'sometimes in life you get no answers'
not because there are none, not quite
but because those who hold the keys to the lock, the answers, may simply decide to deny you entry
For reasons best known only, to them..
deciding you not worthy of truth
a recipient of...
our moral code

Perhaps the intention is not to deny but to shield..
you see, truth remains a vulnerable stance
you become accountable
To attempt to live by truth requires commitment, faith integrity trust
to bare ones soul..
as I said.. a vulnerable stance

Yet in relity truth requires strength
Truth.. is for the bold..
the brave

I wonder, does the universe look on in contempt at the search for truth?
knowing that all is revealed in time?
trust not in questions or answers
but in the universal order
that things will right itself

I don't know
The universe has alot to do

Still...the attempts to camouflage truth remain dire
Yes, Y, has a long tail

But questions are relentless.. and the search for answers continue regardless
To seek redress is a human need
A basic human right..
To seek out and receive, justice
Y.. [click]

Is it ever acceptable to say.. 'W has none?'
I think not
But those intent on denying the truth will continue
A gutless heartless stance
unless of course, their moral code takes centre stage
Good and evil .. remain two sides of the same coin
Perfection non existent

Yet someone knows the truth
and that.. is true.
We are supposed to take care of each other
Y do we seemingly forget...
Y has a long tail and W has none...
Thank you... I'll remember that

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