Friday 29 April 2016

Still that little boy I knew - still that little girl - ft Brymo

To say I'm busy is a slight understatement. Sooo busy right now but it's all good. Lots to do . The sun is shining these days despite it being cold, so its still okay. Sunshine is a wonderful tonic.

I have a much needed day off today although I've filled it doing other things ( as one does)
I haven't been reading much lately, so I intend to discipline myself to read more, and re-establish that as an important part of my routine. Be happy and productive again. Why not?. Do what you love.. and everything else makes sense...Or so I hear :)

In conversation with a friend this week, I was reminded of many things. One important thing I recognized is that when you surround yourself with loving people, who support, encourage, understand and want the best for you.... It genuinely feels good, and you feel as though you can accomplish anything!...
and something in you feels compelled to return the favour...

I met up with a long time friend who I've not seen for many years. Big man now, but I still see the boy I once knew. He still possesses the qualities that inspired our friendship. He feels he's changed.. but do we ever really?. Or do we just grow more experienced,as we discover ...Or perhaps rediscover...who we truly are. It can take time, but I think as we come to accept ourselves and our differences...we realize fundamentally, just how much we have in common.


Bymo baby.. sing!

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