Sunday 14 August 2016

Mo takes Gold!

How emotional was Mo Farrah's race?. Wow Gold medal winner again!.
Well done to Jessica Ennis Hill..
Greg Rutherford took 3rd place in the long jump, and as gutted as he was, well done to him.. what a competitor.
in fact all the athletes of course, but i'm just loving the Olympics as you know.

If I could turn back time that's the only thing I'd 'change I think. I would have never given up that side of my career.

It's proving to be an amazing Olympics for team GB.
Rowing Cycling running... all good

I watched as Mo Farrah beat the Kenyan on the home straight.
Mi watch im fall, roll over, git up, rub im ball head and say yo Kenyan, nuh mess wid me, nuh watch mi flag, a Somalia mi born an grow

After such a dramatic race this gold must be even sweeter.

No seriously, what a superior Athlete he is( with beautiful skin to boot)
Did us proud
Nice one for the Brits

East Africans, long lean and athletic
Some people are born to run. seriously, it's in their dna, scientists can't prove it but the track results do :)
They train extremely hard no doubt, but it's not just that, as we know East Africans have dominated long distance running for years. Many of the worlds most successful distance runners hailing from mountainous districts, and living and training at altitude, places them at an advantage.

Checking the 800m & 1500m schedules..
I'm missing 'stuff' without a timetable hope I haven't missed it lol

Apparently Rudisha hasn't been in the best form

Just a thought . but why dont we have more Maasai doing the high jump :-) heehee

Good morning x

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