Tuesday 9 August 2016

Diaspora. ft May D ft. Wizkid – Bamilo

Exotic erotic
that dark skinned fetish
Have you heard about it?
The colours the sounds
RED earth
GREEN hills and mountains
BLACK skinz

Don't fetishize me
just love me
If a land could talk perhaps that's what it would say
To Africans across the diaspora, who march on for reparations
I admire your spirit my children
I really do
But I'm not perfect by any means, and I pray I never disappoint you
Place me not on high
Just keep me in your heart where it matters most
Deep within your values
Your integrity
Will speak of me
Through actions
You see...I can never leave you
I'm the blood that runs though your veins
the carbon in your hair
Feel me

You couldn't lose me if you tried
and I can never be taken away from you
For I am yours
and you are mine
Yes, perhaps that's what it would say
If a land could speak

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