Wednesday 24 August 2016

Sun hot? So..Burkini or Bikini . ft Ali Farka Touré - 'Diaraby'

It's so hot. I've hardly any clothes on but I really want to strip down to my bikini and do nothing. Preferably by the sea but today I am not.
The funny thing about heat is that ironically, the less you wear can often be the hotter you feel; which is why in some of the world's hottest environments such as the Sahara Desert, they wear very loose fitted clothing. The Tuareg people for example wear long indigo robes and head cloths which aids when travelling (as they do) across large swathes of sand.

Why am I talking about this?.
because I cannot quite understand for one minute how on earth anyone can think that the 'Burkini' is a comfortable item of clothing for a woman or girl to wear on a beach in the hot sun. Better than jeans i'm sure, but still..

Bikini it out, or.. find a robe.. or quit.
Women... jeesh.

Let me tell you a story.

I was not your average teenager ( if there is one)
In fact, at 15 I had embraced a lifestyle and culture which required me to dress a certain way, in addition to perhaps thinking a certain way. From the outside I looked positively Muslim... just cooler:). I was quite serious about my beliefs, never ever wore trousers and always covered my hair. I got into a lot of trouble for it, because of my age and the fact that I was still at school. So...recent debates about whether people should be allowed to wear religious or cultural garments to school or work is relatively old hat to me. I've lived through it, and the simple answer as far as I'm concerned is yes; as that's an aspect of respecting and embracing multicultural diversity. The fact that these questions still arise is an indication that the racially biased status quo hasn't moved on as much as it could.

The reality is however that my stance didn't 'change the world' as i'd hoped. In fact my peers were busy perming their hair or playing with boys. whilst I was playing cultural politics.
Things change.

Nevertheless I would also say to anyone having that experience.. look at the big picture, take acting classes and move on.
In reality unless you belong to the dominate culture you will be expected to conform in a number of areas. Pick your battles.

This is not to say that you shouldn't stand up for what you believe in , no, feel free to pave the way for others who will almost certainly experience the same old dilemma, but just know, life is like a game of chess... or is it snakes and ladders..
In truth, very few people will give a shit.

I respect a woman's right to dress as she pleases. But that's entirely it. More often than not we as women do not dress as we please rather to please... and therein lies the difference and the problem.

Burkini or Bikini, both garments send a signal about the type of woman you are, and equally are designed more often than not to appeal to the 'reasoning' of the opposite sex.

Women are often placed into boxes
Sometimes ( if smart and depending on which part of the world you hail from) a woman can straddle two or three boxes..maybe more, call it the alternative intersectionality if you like.
so,,, often we have

the ho or slut. ( the sexually easy one)
the virgin ( prized right up until that virginity is taken and then all bets are off )
the wife ( no man must touch))
the mother ( the enabler.. lol)
the princess ( so cute it's unreal but spoilt/demanding )
the queen ( wonderful woman, if only she was a freak)
the freak ( oh yes..the freak.. the one you can indulge every crazy sexual fantasy until she wants more.. like.. a relationship)

I'm being playful as you know, but with a hint of truth.

How a woman dresses on a beach may allude to any of these stereotypes

the sad thing is ( or rather the irony is) we women do it to ourselves.
we uphold and maintain our own subjugation
from fgm to patriarchy
we do it

because ultimately for many men the box is simple... you, are less important than.. me

everything else is fodder.

The French banned the Burka, yet seem unable to put two and two together in that cultural intolerance of others can be a breeding ground for resentment.

Now i'm really hot.

oh my god are these my people? lol [click]

Peace x

Just because..

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