Saturday 13 August 2016

Mzee & Rafiki Feat. Uhuru - Domba

I was curious to know more after a commentator suggested the track would have made more sense if sung by a woman.
Venda is a South African tribe and Domba is a female initiation phase of this tribe.
Like most female initiations this prepares girls for marriage sex motherhood and taking care of their husbands.
I dont know the details with regards to any other practice carried out but in a nutshell that's it.

The track I suggest is a celebration of this aspect of their culture.
I love Uhuru, they never disappoint musically.
The bass line is on fire.

[Additional comment found online]
"Domba was the third and final phase in Venda girls' initiation, which should have been attended after a girl had been to vhusha and tshikanda. It took place every three to five years at the head-quarters of chiefs and certain senior headman, and lasted for about one year. Its importance to the Venda was marked by the use of the bass drum (ngoma), which was also used in tshikona, the Venda national dance. There were a number of special rites and shows associated with domba"

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Venda [click]

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