Sunday 14 August 2016

Zulu King: "I won't let my people forget our history" - [Talk to Al Jazeera]

Very interesting history, and very interesting interview
That the King states that he prays to Jesus Christ I found somewhat confusing given the Zulu history and culture.
The Reed dance ceremony sounds randy

On the surface it's reported to be an 'initiation ceremony' in which young women and girls preserve their virginity until marriage. But, it's also reported to be little more than a parade of bare breasted young women for the King to choose yet another wife.
If it's the latter, then KMT King, mi no likeee. :-)

If however he is really just trying to halt the spread of HIV and minimize the sexual exploitation of younger girls by elder men then fine.
[but i doubt it. his response to how the dance raises HIV awareness, was accompanied by an uneasy smirk.. followed by the words... culture]

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