Friday 19 August 2016

Will Sierra Leone ever be ready for a female President?

..and not just in football..

Isha Tejan-Cole Johansen is the 1st female president of the Sierra Leone football Association SLFA. [click]

and that's great..

but would the country vote for a woman to lead the nation?
There is definitely a shift taking place worldwide, and perhaps it really is time for women to clean up the mess.
If the men will listen that is
( and yes, I know that we women are equally guilty.. well.... 60/40%, of contributing to it and are not perfect)
but still...
Would they vote?
In a similar vein would Nigeria ever be ready?
Sometimes change happens ready or not though right?

Dr Zainab Hawa Bangura could be a worthy contender if she had any interest in such a role.
Well... I like her anyway
the little I know

I think a woman of such caliber could make a real difference


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