Friday 12 August 2016

Simone Manuel's Historic Win in Rio [ & a Maximum Sound Riddim Mix]

Simone Manuel won gold in Rio [click]

The first black women in Olympic history to win gold in the 100m freestyle
How amazing is that?
I recently wrote about Eric from Equatorial Guinea.. respect to him
I looked at some stereotypes and toyed with a theory [look at this, who comes up with these names lol]

Some may wonder why her colour or background is relevant.
To cut a long story short; because the absence of it has been a marker/ or symbol of a system of denial of opportunity based on colour/background.

Simone shared the podium with Canada's Penny Oleksiak with whom she shares joint 1st place.

Times are changing
Congratulations girls!

Women power

Loved the cycling...
Now let track and field commence :)
800m/ 1500m great
Good morning x

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