Friday 26 August 2016

Changing a flat tyre in the hot sun

Is not a job I much fancy to be honest.
I'm almost tempted to send a fb request to anyone in my area who feels like changing it for me. Its a pain.
This tyre was flat weeks ago but the emergency call out guy told me it was okay as sometimes... 'Tyres just go down'.
ermm... really?
Anyway, I was just happy to have it sorted that I wasn't about to query... 'Okay..thank you so much!'.. and while you're there can you put air in the other 3?'
'sure no problem'.

Now I dont want to want to waste another call out on a flat tyre, so i'll just wait until my wimps become unbearable.

Helloooo.. please can you sort out my flat tyre for me?
Merci x

Its Carnival Weekend

Que Soca.. x

"Normal normal...."

Peace x

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