Saturday 27 August 2016

Why I clean to music. ft Black Motion Feat. Dr. Moruti - Heartless Intentions

Cleaning can be incredibly boring.
The joy of cleaning however, kicks in within minutes. You become active and see results instantly. There comes a point when it's no longer a chore but a highly enjoyable activity.
It's the knowledge however, that it doesn't last and will require you repeat the same thing for like... for-ev-er... which 'dents the sheen a little' and can delay the crucial act of starting.
However, with music..the task feels somewhat, liberating.
With it, I feel so free and content.
The doors and windows are open, the sun is shining, and the bass is on fire.
( and a Henry the hoover)

Thank god for Black Motion


  1. Good music. I need music to clean to as well

  2. It's makes such a difference doesn't it. Happy Sunday to you!