Friday 19 August 2016

Moseray Fadika: A People's Champion. ft Patoranking & Wizkid This Kind Luv

What makes a peoples champion?

Today will be a sad day for many people across Sierra Leone after the recent passing of Goodwill Ambassador Gibril Santigie Moseray Fadika ( affectionately known by some as Super)
Today he will be laid to rest in Freetown.
Moseray Fadika was co-founder and executive chairman of African Minerals Ltd., alongside the multi-billionaire Frank Timis,

He was considered by many to be one of the richest men in Africa.

He was the Vice Chairman of Shandong Steel (SL) Ltd and Executive Director of Pan Africa Minerals Ltd, and it's stated that he possessed an investment portfolio in Africa of over $3.1 Billion.

With an election due to take place next year, Moseray Fadika was expected to contend the leadership of the ruling APC party, with the potential to become Sierra Leone's next President.
At only 53, it's fair to say that his life was cut short.
What he achieved in his time however was considerable.
He will be greatly missed by his family and fans i'm sure.

So what really makes a people's champion?
It's fair to say that in a poor country a man of wealth will always be held in awe. What he signified to many was .. hope.
His life was a real symbol of hope for the poorest in society, as Moseray Fadika did not emerge from a wealthy background.

Despite hailing from a poverty, what he was given however, was a chance; a chance that he grabbed with both hands.
Money alone did not make Fadika... his strength of character, his drive, his focus, and his enthusiasm did

It's my hope that it's not just his wealth that made him such a people's champion in the eyes of the people, but his character.

His ability to relate to those who had.. and those who had not. It's irrelevant now to wonder what kind of leader he would have made had he become President. In a way Moseray Fadika will remain relatively untarnished. He will never be the leader that 'let the people down'. His legacy will remain one of a man that wished the best for poorest of people.

I know of no poor leaders across Africa. Not one.
It takes money to get things done for sure, but in reality, it's not just money alone. It's a question of intent.
My only wish is that we begin to value not only wealth, but the content of our characters. The essence of our spirit, and our will.
By most accounts Ambassador Moseray Fadika sounded like a kind man..a good man..
and sometimes the good go too early
RIP to a people's champions and an influential leader


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