Saturday 27 August 2016

Why the scrutiny of Caster Semenya's image is deeply racist.. and more SOCA baby!! [ ft Machel Montano - Human]

We all know Caster Semenya, 800m Olympic Champion.

We've heard recent jibes of.. 'men dominating in women's sports...'
all very cute I'm sure
and yes, it's fair to say that the top 3 800m winning athletes do look 'a bit like men'. The debate is where to place intersex athletes. Women with higher than average levels of testosterone. (More than the average woman.. yet less than the average man).

Yet I clearly remember growing up in a time when 'intersex women' dominated sport. Often these women were Russian. It's fair to say that for quite awhile many long distance female runners looked like men. As children we'd say things like, 'she looks like a man!', (stating the obvious in all innocence, as children do) Everyone could see it... yet the media NEVER... uttered a word.

No checks, no outcry, no debates about whether it's fair that these 'butch women' should be running alongside 'regular' women.
No.. they were winning, and that was enough

Czech athlete Jarmila Kratochvílová
800m and 400m champion in 1983

So now they are not winning.. and the media is in a frenzy.
'They are men!'
'It's not fair!'
Sour grape anyone?

It really is funny. I personally dont mind that in Rio the three winning female 800m athletes looked like men.

It made the race even more interesting and fun.( ny)

in fact, it reminded me of the 'good ole days' in women athletics..

oopps sorry wrong pic lol

In all seriousness though, It can't be much fun for women to have to undergo public scrutiny as to whether they are female or not. in fact it's embarrassing , almost as embarrassing as virginity testing.
Interestingly enough I might add that Caster recently married her girlfriend in a traditional ceremony. A story that perhaps received little mention as it attacks the notion of a completely intolerant Africa with regards to LGBT.

Caster & Wife

The media reveals more than news stories.

The cure?


Soca baby...

Peace x


  1. I think Caster is beautiful. And I had no idea she's married. I read somewhere that until recently she was forced to take female hormones and then allowed to stop again.

    1. There's an endearing quality about her. I hadn't heard about her being forced to take female hormones but if so im glad its no longer the case