Sunday 16 March 2014

As I sit.. I think for a moment

There is something about certain songs that cause me to sit back and reflect.
Cottage in Negril is one such song.
I remember it being sung by Tyrone Taylor in the 80's. Sadly Tyrone may no longer be with us, but his song is firmly fixed in my memory. I'm pretty sure it spent weeks on the Reggae charts at No 1, if not, it certainly received a great deal of airplay, and was on the playlist of most DJ's, David Rodigan and many others

Duane Stephenson, has done a great job.

I realized today that when I'm in my garden I'm very happy. I'm very content planting things, and being outside. It was a nice day despite my cold.
As I relax to this song ( Cottage in Negril) I realize also that this week will be my last taught lecture of my MA. How I feel about that I can't yet articulate
But after this week, I'll be writing up my final assignment and working on my dissertation.
The past two years have flown by.

My last lecture will be on Whiteness. Should I be cheeky and ask my lecturer with a wry smile if she saved the best til last?:)
In the arena of Post-colonial studies an' all..I'm sure she'll get the joke.

I've had many late nights, fallen asleep mid read often, and will continue to for awhile yet, but.. I've enjoyed every minute.
I guess it's almost time to bring it all together and bring it home.
Not long now, but there's much to do first.

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