Sunday 23 March 2014

Sunny Sunday

There were lots of people out running this morning. Sometimes it's a little quiet out, but not today. which was nice

I tried a kickboxing workout. and discovered my coordination was so whack lol
It's odd because I think It's fair to say I feel have rhythm ordinarily, and I reckon I could hold my own in a fist fight (..may I never need to!) so kickboxing should have been a doddle...

But it wasn't
I couldn't go up against an Ali that's for sure..not flailing about like that anyway.

I absolutely love to see men in this particular jacket. Basically.. I love Tweed jackets

Should Britain pay former colonies reparations for Slavery? Should the French.. others etc?
A discussion on the BBC made me feel a little hot... Grrrr

A white guy very flippantly stated ( Hmmm..I say flippant as that describes his tone of voice, facial expression and overall body language ) that we're all descended from Slavery.. 'quite frankly' he said ( sounding a little too much like Michael Gove when his testosterone's up..which aided my discomfort! ) ..'we're all in this together'. He said Britain was different .. in a good way. If it was okay to say ..' oh shut up you silly cow'.. I think he may have said that, but he did it in his own way. The woman in favour of reparations was marginalized, almost ridiculed. ( but to her credit.. she held her own.. told him he was falsifying history.. and he.. calmed down)

It's a sensitive issue, as shortly after that a black woman also began shouting her down. Said her dad was a millionaire, and slavery or being black..didn't stop him. (internal cultural racism)

The debate makes many uncomfortable. Talking about racism, makes many feel uneasy to be fair... black and white. The same black woman implied reparations are not needed as we have 'black history month'.. we must work on 'ourselves' like her millionaire father did. The man ( who reminded me of Gove) who spoke earlier said we in the UK, fought for everyone to be treated the same..equally under the law, and is horrified to hear the reparations lady wants to be treated differently.

A UK Law firm has taken the case, the same Law firm that won the case for Kenyan Mau Mau survivors.. so it'll be interesting to see how that pans out.

What do I think?
To be honest I'm not sure.. i'm undecided
I know that many British Aristocrats gained their wealth through the African slave trade. 'Our' stately homes have history. Wealth , (like poverty) is often inter-generational, so yes she is correct in stating that many people who are considered great and good (white British) , gained a foot up from ill-gotten the drug dealer turned 'above the law' business man.
It's a complex issue.
I see many sides to this
The advocate spoke briefly about post traumatic slave syndrome, but then stated very clearly that it's not about victim hood, but about being honest about the ways in which this fairly recent history has shaped and continues to shape lives..globally.

Now.. a cup of tea, then out in the garden.
Yes, it's time to prepare the ground.. grass seeds.. are going in

Have a nice day x

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