Tuesday 4 March 2014

Reasons to be happy..* or content?

Today was a good day.
Got up early, decided to be proactive, share my concerns, and fortunately the surveyor came right over to check . I've known him awhile and we've always got along well. He reassured me things will be done right. He's a nice guy, I respect him, and have no reason to think he wouldn't be true to his word.

It felt good to sort things out.
Feels good to sort things out

Pharrell's 'Happy 'was a nice tonic in the morning, and I continued to feel proactive all day.
I knew what to expect with regards to my home on my return, so there were no surprises awaiting me. I was also pleasantly surprised by the builder's progress... So okay, I'll take back what I said yesterday. Today.. he's okay.

I kept my cool, got home too late to run, decided not to order a pizza but to manoeuvre around his work and cook. 30mins later.. and voila, its done
Checked out Sherry's post about Gratitude

Then checked out SA Larsen to watch the video.. 'How to be Happy'. Interesting.
Coolio Iglesias

Nice reminder, and just what the doctor ordered


  1. What is a surveyor? I love being proactive. it's better than being reactive. good positive post!

  2. Replies
    1. A Surveyors's a person who will come along to a property check out work that needs doing and price it up, or check out the quality of work that's been done, and make recommendations/advise/sort/price. They can check for things like mould structural damage/internal damage, warn you of issues - in my case reassure me of concerns, and follow it up with builder. Do you have a different name for that role where you are ?