Saturday 8 March 2014

International Women's Day

Women are not a homogeneous group.
As with many of our identity markers, there is more difference within, that out
and yes..we can disappoint ourselves and others, and are just as capable as hating each other, and being duplicitous, as much as men (if not more)
but.. this picture's pretty sweet nonetheless

Yes folks.. its that day of the year

Happy International Womens Day!

Now I know you're cool woman of substance right?.. No? .. never mind, don't fret.. we can be cool and shallow sometimes too every now and then , okay?
Now here are a few of my choice of cool women, today..

Angela Davis

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Jourdan Dunn
She's a Londoner like me you know


Andi Osho


Naomi Campbell
Best runway model ever (IMO) hands down


Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma
Very powerful lady


Winnie Mandela
The Queen


Very cool lady


Folorunsho Alakija
Very rich lady ( who looks much younger than her age!)
Now ahead of Oprah in the Forbes rich list
(Shh.. don't tell anyone.. but I think there's money in that there oil.. hmm and fashion)

In closing, a woman, wife, a mother, sister, daughter, a girlfriend, is not code for Slave
Even if, or when we may be complicit, and enslave ourselves
Don't abuse women!
Have a great day!

This was in the news today..

*Clares Law
I suspect that most abusers are still not known to the police. I suspect that most women who experience domestic violence suffer in silence


  1. I thought it was yesterday! Google showed their video/logo thing yesterday as well as today, why was that? I dunno what I made of the video. A touch patronising really, and not one real butch women in sight. Sigh.

    Great choices. I'm not sure about Winnie (wasn't she involved in something dodgy?) but I would have included Oprah Winfrey.

  2. I noticed Google had the logo up yesterday, but (as far as i know) it's today.
    There are still great gender inequalities and a great deal of suffering that women endure just because they so happen to have female parts. messed up. Whatever day is chosen, on the whole I think IWD is a good thing..well- meaning if nowt else.

    Do you mean the Google video has no butch women? or my post? :)
    Winnie tends to divide public opinion. You're probably referring to Stompie - the football team etc.
    I can't really comment on that, (as I don't know enough), but Winnie endured a lot, and I think we must place some actions in their historical context. Both sides ( Apartheid) carried out atrocities. Britain condoned ( or turned a blind eye) to some also. I think to single out Winnie is a political ploy, one which was useful to try and break, not only the spirit of a man, but the spirit of the movement.
    For some reason, I've always felt compassion/affection for her. Winnie's is a tale to tell.. and all things being equal, she's been a courageous, strong and formidable woman.

    I'm not sure why I left Oprah of the list.
    She's a great woman. Top of her game,
    You know what I like about her. I can imagine simply having a laugh in the kitchen doing the dishes, cooking , or housework with her. She seems like a roll your sleeves up none pretentious woman.
    Oprah if your reading... you can come over to mine for Sunday dinner anytime

  3. Sorry I meant in the video not your post!

    To be totally honest I don't know enough about Winnie, so I shouldn't really have left a comment about her, you are right, and unless you've walked a mile in someone else's shoes, who am I to judge?

    Ha, so you don't think she's a Diva then? :D I know what you mean.

    1. Too many spelling errors in last one
      I don't mind your comment about Winnie Joe, and to be honest I have an opinion on lots of things I know little of :-)
      Lots of people may have responded as you, to her inclusion to the list, and I've heard a great deal of unfavorable things said about her..and perhaps that's also what makes me skeptical.

      I watched the Google video last night.. but will watch it again, as when I think about it, I don't remember seeing any butch women.
      Diva free! Lol.. I guess that was indeed what I was saying.
      Usually i'll say something like.. 'yeah , I can imagine me and them with our sleeves up rolling dumplings in the kitchen'.
      A friend of mine used to say.. Yeah, he looks like he can wash a plate!

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  5. Lots of women I didnt know about. I have to look them up.

    1. I know lists like these are endless - but there's something about each of these I really admire :)
      I'd seen her face around, but think I only learnt of Folorunsho, when checking out the Forbes rich list :)